Engraved Yeti

Frequently Asked questions

Is it possible to engrave Yetis?

Absolutely! With advanced laser technology at The Outback Engraver, you can have your very own personalised Yeti Rambler, Tumbler, Colster, Mug, Bottle or even the newest stainless steel models. Just bring your YETI, and we'll make it uniquely yours.

Engraved Yeti Frequently Asked Questions
Engraved Yeti Frequently Asked Questions

What's the cost for YETI cup engraving?

The price for engraving your YETI depends on the extent of the design you desire. A basic name is the most budget-friendly option, while a full 360º Wrap costs a bit more. Share your vision with us and we’ll get you the best price.

Engraved Yeti Frequently Asked Questions
Engraved Yeti Frequently Asked Questions

Is engraving YETI mugs possible?

Certainly! We can engrave a wide variety of materials, including your trusty Yeti, jewellery, wood, metal, marble, and many more. Explore our website and blogs for inspiration.

Engraved Yeti Frequently Asked Questions
Engraved Yeti Frequently Asked Questions

Can YETI drink bottles be engraved?

Absolutely! You can choose from numerous designs for your Yeti Drink bottles. My personal favourite is the full wrap. Browse the examples above to see how we can turn your Yeti into a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Don't forget to add your name!

Engraved Yeti Frequently Asked Questions
Engraved Yeti Frequently Asked Questions

Engraved Yeti

Frequently Asked questions

Is it possible to customise a YETI after purchase?

Yes, you can personalise your YETI after purchase. Visit our where to buy page for local Darwin retailers and additional dealers on the Yeti store locator. Once you've selected your YETI, bring it to our workshop to make it uniquely yours.

Engraved Yeti Frequently Asked Questions
Engraved Yeti Frequently Asked Questions

Will engraving void my YETI warranty?

Although laser engraving won't affect the functionality of your Yeti, the company won't accept returns or exchanges for engraved or customised products. Your Yeti warranty will be voided.

Engraved Yeti Frequently Asked Questions
Engraved Yeti Frequently Asked Questions

Which is more affordable: etching or engraving?

Cost ultimately depends on the size of your order. Generally, for most personal and business projects, engraving is the more economical choice. What project do you have in mind?

Engraved Yeti Frequently Asked Questions
Engraved Yeti Frequently Asked Questions

Engraved Yeti

Frequently Asked questions

Can an engraved YETI be dishwasher-safe?

Yes, rest assured that you can safely place your engraved Yeti in the dishwasher. Yetis are built to withstand much more, and the engraving will remain intact.

Engraved Yeti Frequently Asked Questions
Engraved Yeti Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to microwave a Yeti?

Although YETI products are known for their durability, microwaving them is not safe. Yetis are made from stainless steel, which can react with microwaves and create sparks or fire hazards.

Engraved Yeti Frequently Asked Questions
Engraved Yeti Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a Sharpie on a YETI?

While it's possible to use a Sharpie on your Yeti, it won't compare to the stunning designs achievable through laser engraving. You can even engrave your favourite photos directly onto your Yeti!

Engraved Yeti Frequently Asked Questions
Engraved Yeti Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add a logo to a YETI Cup?

Indeed, you can add your personal or business logo to any Yeti product. We even have a dedicated page for business and logo engraving to spark your creativity. Simply send us your design, and we'll handle the rest!

Engraved Yeti Frequently Asked Questions
Engraved Yeti Frequently Asked Questions

What's the best way to personalise a Yeti?

There are numerous fantastic options for personalising your YETI, and engraving is one of the top choices. Your creativity is the only limit when it comes to customising your Yeti, and we're here to help if you need assistance in making a decision.

Engraved Yeti Frequently Asked Questions
Engraved Yeti Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do next?

Get in touch!  Contact us with your idea for your Yeti Engraving in Australia or you can even pop into our workshop in Tiwi, Darwin, NT to see laser engraving in action as well as some great examples.  Simply fill out the quick form below ↓


We use the latest laser technology to create outstanding quality craftmanship and designs.


Your imagination is the only limit!  Not sure what you want?  Don't worry we can help.

Engraved Yeti Frequently Asked Questions


We can engrave almost anything with our state of the art Laser Engraving Technology. Whatever your design we are ready for the challenge.



The world's finest YETI engraving right here in your own backyard.  Where will your imagination take your YETI. 



Personalise any wood gift (even if it's just for yourself!)  A range of beautiful designs to choose from or create your own. 



Give elegant or unique gifts or perhaps add your business name and logo.  The applications on metal truly are limitless. 



From Marble to Glass, Granite and more, we will engrave almost anything!  Get in touch and challenge us with your idea. 

What our wonderful clients say...

Glenda BrownGlenda Brown
03:26 22 Jul 24
Great Service, Super friendly and extremely happy with engravingWhat more can I say….. will definitely be back. Many thanks Daniel
Jaycyn BeckJaycyn Beck
00:45 20 Jul 24
Absolutely amazing the design were exactly what we wanted. Thank you for doing a rush order for my dad 1000/10 experience will definitely be back.
Tre AshTre Ash
23:45 16 Jul 24
The boys down at Outback Engraver do absolutely outstanding work! Very focused on attention to detail and 100% always satisfies customer, very humble service when speaking directly with customers and always finds ways to help out their clients. If I could give anyone 10 stars it would be Outback Engravers! Keep up the fantastic work and will definitely be back for more of your precision work! Thank use so much.
Great engraving, they even managed to find master a logo and have used it twice now on Yeti's that we have purchased for staff. Definitely recommend them for engraving and key cutting services.
Kellie SnowdonKellie Snowdon
23:12 03 Jul 24
So easy to work with and did an amazing job on our Yeti bottles. So quick as well. Will definitely be back for our next engravings.
Moggy VMoggy V
02:23 27 Jun 24
Outback Engraver does an excellent job, his communication, willingness and commitment to give the customer the absolute best work is what sets him apart.I have requested a few intricate and detailed designs for friends and family gifts, and Dan has not only met but exceeded expectations each time. Well worth a visit to his shop or to contact him by phone before committing with another operator.He has made a loyal customer out of me.-Michael
Gary PinkertonGary Pinkerton
08:16 18 Jun 24
What a fantastic Gem of place to findDan was absolutely awesome and managed to squeeze us in even though we left our engraving a little late
Ellen RibolliEllen Ribolli
05:23 05 Jun 24
Great communication and a fantastic service. Highly recommend!
Dwn GrlDwn Grl
09:47 31 May 24
Fantastic catalogue to choose from for the laser printing, and great service
Casey BlandCasey Bland
07:02 31 May 24
Another awesome engraving on a yeti. It was a surprise birthday present and he was stoked.
Kylie RobertsKylie Roberts
05:35 28 May 24
Great customer service. Very patient. Engraving looks awesome and recipient loves it. Thank you.
Tripti ShahTripti Shah
12:20 27 May 24
Absolutely thrilled with the craftsmanship and attention to detail on the engraving her nameOn my daughter’s bottle. The engraving is beautifully intricate, adding a personalised touch that makes it truly one-of-a-kind.Thank you, Dan and team, for this beautiful work of art. Your efficiency in completing it in less than 24 hours was simply amazing. I highly recommend everyone to visit your shop for any engraving needs. THE BEST IN THE TOWN👏💪😊Cheers mate!Yaam
Keeley StewartKeeley Stewart
01:59 17 May 24
Excellent service . Brilliant designs and detail . Friendly interactions . My go to business for engraving
Sarah PodobnikSarah Podobnik
12:48 13 May 24
The work was excellent. Thank you very much, I will be getting more engraving done in the future.
Penina RakadiPenina Rakadi
08:06 10 May 24
Did a last minute engraving on a YETI with only an hour notice, was very grateful! Great service and the bottle looks great. Will be back if needed.
Lynda SingLynda Sing
11:24 07 May 24
Very pleased with the yeti engraving Dan was able to do for me at the very last minute! Absolute champion for accommodating my order at such short notice. He was friendly and able to provide options for me to choose from. Would highly recommend him!
Jill KuhnJill Kuhn
10:35 07 May 24
Very happy with the results. So many pictures to choose from! Well done ! Very efficient.
03:15 21 Apr 24
Awesome people to deal with. Great job on finished product. One very happy customer. Will definitely be using again.
Karen FolkersKaren Folkers
02:00 19 Apr 24
Fantastic service, great location and very professional! Very happy with the engraving of an important gift!
Treasurer WHCTreasurer WHC
21:25 16 Apr 24
Manoli ChristakisManoli Christakis
01:57 15 Apr 24
Great job on my Yeti jug. Took the trouble to fit my job in same day even though shop was busy.
Phillip MckechniePhillip Mckechnie
04:09 08 Apr 24
Got some yeti products engraved, very polite and efficient and very reasonably priced. Highly recommend
Heidi HayesHeidi Hayes
04:37 05 Apr 24
Dan made this process extremely easy and efficient!!! Despite us living in a different state, he consulted with us regularly and kept us up to date at each step. The communication has been open and transparent and very informative. The workmanship on the final results is outstanding and we’ve already had lots of positive comments. We’ll be using Outback Engraver again!!!!
Alyce SuterAlyce Suter
02:42 22 Mar 24
Absolutely excellent work! We got 6 yetis engraved and they are all stunning! Definitely recommend and will be back for other things as the shop has lots of great gift ideas! Thanks Dan!
Nadine TippingNadine Tipping
00:07 22 Mar 24
Fantastic service and the result was exactly what I hoped for.
Christopher MastersChristopher Masters
23:31 21 Mar 24
Dan provides great products.
Ellen ReisingerEllen Reisinger
19:41 01 Mar 24
Beautiful work. Plus a very professional, customer-centric approach. Examples: Couldn't make up my mind initially, then I had two variations to the order - Dan and his team were patient, accommodating and gave great advice.
Andrew J BooneAndrew J Boone
03:28 20 Feb 24
Great work be definitely doing business with them again 🙂
Julieann BowdenJulieann Bowden
09:01 19 Feb 24
Thanks Dan and the team at Outback Engraver. You went out of your way to help me with engraving today and it was a fantastic job. I appreciate it!
Efrosini YiannakosEfrosini Yiannakos
05:32 19 Feb 24
The customer service and engraving that Dan and the team at The Outback Engraver NT is amazing. Will always go to Dan and the team for all my engraving needs 🩶
Shaun GillShaun Gill
02:16 16 Feb 24
Had a short notice design to go and Daniel went out of his way to accommodate. The design and end result were both high quality. Very happy with the service, do recommend.
Caroline VillaflorCaroline Villaflor
05:53 15 Feb 24
I only get all my Yeti engravings with The Outback Engraver NT. I highly recommend them to everyone who is seeking exceptional quality of work. They are always friendly and professional, and will aim to meet your engraving and key cutting needs. - Caroline V
Maria MastorosMaria Mastoros
12:25 29 Jan 24
I Highly recommend Outback Engraver the nicest customer service and My kids absolutely love their Yeti's they look incredible. Dan is truly amazing 👏
Michael HudsonMichael Hudson
01:42 26 Jan 24
Definitely worth all 5 stars, I’d give 6 if there was an option!Pleased with the results of my Yeti engraving, Dan is very friendly and has exceptional customer service. Communication is very easy with Outback Engraver as well, couldn’t have done a better job thanks. I’ll be returning.Mike
The Witty'sThe Witty's
21:55 22 Jan 24
Dan was a pleasure to deal with and his artwork and engraving was professionally completed and looked fantastic.
Helen TsaknisHelen Tsaknis
02:53 22 Jan 24
Highly highly recommend Danny for all engraving needs. The quality & his workmanship is awesum & definitely personalises to your needs. Im from Melbourne & wait 2 come 2 Danny as their is no other...Absolutely loving my Yeti 🙂
van hoekvan hoek
12:35 16 Jan 24
I got a photo of my 2 kids engraved on a yeti as a gift for my wife. The service was great and the engraved picture exceeded my expectations. I was very happy with the result and will definitely be a repeat customer.
Nick JoyceNick Joyce
03:08 10 Jan 24
Great family business, amazing quality and the best customer service ! Canny recommend them more highly
Excellent engraving service
Brett FullerBrett Fuller
14:10 22 Dec 23
Great Work done in a timely manner, the detail of work was exceptional and could not fault the service from Dan & Monica.Nothing was too difficult!
23:21 21 Dec 23
The team at Alfred’s absolutely LOVE The Outback Engraver, we deal directly with them on a regular basis and are super happy to have such a talented and brilliant service provider within our vicinity 💚❤️
David RussellDavid Russell
12:42 21 Dec 23
Brilliant communication, excellent final product
Annita SaengwutAnnita Saengwut
05:25 08 Dec 23
This is my 2nd time here and Dan’s work has been amazing on both occasions. His engraving is spot on and takes pride in his work! Would highly recommend! 😊
Zarra ChapmanZarra Chapman
02:47 23 Nov 23
10/10 Best engraver in Darwin. Prompt and well priced.
Tarun RichardsTarun Richards
00:39 23 Nov 23
I absolutely recommend The Outback Engraver NT. Dan is so friendly and professional, and quick to offer solutions. The work is excellent quality, I'm really happy with it!
Brad LushBrad Lush
01:52 16 Nov 23
I have been a loyal customer of Dan at Outback Engraver NT for several years now. Dan has always provided me with high-quality services, even under challenging time constraints. He has a great ability to adapt and offer meaningful advice on newly available products, which has helped me to diversify my marketing strategies. I am very satisfied with the excellent service that Dan has consistently provided me with.
Karen O'DwyerKaren O'Dwyer
04:42 14 Nov 23
Wow the Outback Engraver has gotten better! I love how accessible their new premises are but most of all I love the personalised Yeti for my granddaughter. You made my idea come to life, thank you Monica and Dan
John OrJohn Or
21:32 10 Nov 23
Friendly and professional. First class job
Nitin BadkarNitin Badkar
02:17 18 Oct 23
These are the best in Darwin.I got a custom plaque made to announce arrival of my baby daughter having all her details (height, weight, DOB, Time of birth).I got this custom plaque made in just 2 hours after her arrival. Would have been quicker if it wasn't odd hours.All in all the best out there.
Peter ChambersPeter Chambers
23:17 11 Oct 23
Great work and great to deal with. Love the engraving on our personalized Yeti. Can recommend. Thanks.
Loren ElizabethLoren Elizabeth
23:18 10 Oct 23
Loved the final product, excellent gift. 'TOENT' came highly recommended!! – fast, professional, friendly and accommodating - Final product – PERFECT!
damien Boultondamien Boulton
21:04 10 Oct 23
Thank you to the 'Outback Engraver'....awesome quality, communication, delivery speed and did i mention QUALITY WORKMANSHIP!!, my family and friends that i have purchased these for could not be happier...do your self a favor, and get your family engraved :)
Doug ChanDoug Chan
08:22 10 Oct 23
Excellent service, friendly and helpful. The finished product was everything we had discussed and the workmanship was to the highest standard. Would have no hesitation recommending The Outback Engraver NT.
Alix DebestAlix Debest
19:48 01 Oct 23
Melissa KerrMelissa Kerr
01:49 28 Sep 23
Excellent service and attention to detail resulted in beautifully engraved yeti gifts
brendon ashlinbrendon ashlin
03:43 20 Sep 23
Yeti engraving done for a reasonable price with great customer service 10/10
Amanda RuzsicskaAmanda Ruzsicska
11:02 15 Sep 23
Outback Engravers are the most professional, experienced, knowledgeable engravers. Their service is outstanding, accommodating and friendly. I highly recommend this business. Have used a few times now and am so happy with the results, outstanding business. Their work is impeccable and they do stuff I never knew of. Speak to them about your needs - they are so good.
inda taipiinda taipi
04:51 15 Sep 23
Amazing job and good quality 😊my brother love it 😌
yuli yuliyuli yuli
10:56 06 Sep 23
Super happy with your work, definitely will be back again. Best engraver in Darwin!
Benjamin WatkinsBenjamin Watkins
07:44 04 Sep 23
So easy to drop off and pick up, great designs available and high quality workmanship
Maggie HillsMaggie Hills
22:26 27 Aug 23
Need engraving ? Can thoroughly recommend “The Outback Engraver NT “for their prompt and outstanding service ! Monica assisted me with design, and made the whole process so easy. Great NT business ! Maggie
Danielle HourdasDanielle Hourdas
05:44 25 Aug 23
Monica was lovely to deal with and the quality of work was outstanding as well as the affordability. I was very impressed
Lorraine mliloLorraine mlilo
12:23 18 Aug 23
You guys are good at what you do. The owner will certainly love it when he receives it.
08:35 18 Aug 23
Outback Engraver is a class-act! From the first interaction I had with Daniel and Monica, it was nothing short of excellent. Brilliant communication from start to finish and the engraving on my daughter’s new YETI was perfect. And super fast service! Thank you for an excellent experience, Daniel and Monica!
Ashleigh Ross-ParkerAshleigh Ross-Parker
07:25 18 Aug 23
Absolute legends, super friendly and very reasonably priced. We have had a few items engraved for very very special occasions and the team at Outback Engravers always delivers! Coming from the West. It's most definitely worth the Journey home to the NT to get work done. Wouldn't go anywhere else.The team is attentive to detail and communication consistent. Could not fault! Keep up the great work.
11:03 08 Aug 23
Amazing service, great quality and custom designed pens! Best writing pens around! Thank you!
Nicole HughesNicole Hughes
01:45 08 Aug 23
Have been a customer for a number of years. Always awesome service and quality work.
00:57 08 Aug 23
Fantastic Service. A+++++. The patience, quality of work and customer service was fantastic. Would recommend to anyone/ everyone who wants professional, superb quality work. Thanks again!
Kate PurserKate Purser
04:12 01 Aug 23
Quality, reliable, consistent, friendly service. 5 stars
Trevor SmartTrevor Smart
23:22 27 Jul 23
Very friendly, professional and helpful. Really happy with the results. I will have more jobs in November and will most certainly be going back to the Outback Engraver.
14:43 24 Jul 23
Needed a thankyou gift engraved at short notice, while holidaying in Darwin NT. Google searched an engraver and stumbled across Outback Engraver NT. Wow, how impressive. Customer service was A1. Squeezed our request in at extremely short notice and went above and beyond to provide us with an extremely high quality, individualised, engraved graphic on a Yeti stubby cooler. Dan made he whole process simple for us, emailing us the design throughout the day, to make sure we were happy to go ahead. Contacted us shortly after to say it was ready. Exceptional price of an extremely high quality, engraving service. Please don't hesitate to support this Darwin NT business.
Monique BaileyMonique Bailey
03:58 20 Jul 23
The absolute best. Quick turnaround of our product and came out looking amazing. Can’t thank you guys enough!
matt hewmatt hew
02:10 09 Jul 23
Excellent service and product, contacted them with a new design they did not have they provided me with advice and options. the final product is amazing! Very good experience
mark harrismark harris
03:05 07 Jul 23
Very professional work. Was on time and the video and picture previews was a nice touch to verify the design before proceeding. Very happy.
Natalie SandersonNatalie Sanderson
11:54 06 Jul 23
My daughter decided she wanted a very last minute birthday gift, so I got in touch with The Outback Engraver NT. Super happy with the customer service and they were able to Fulfill the order in time for my daughters birthday.Highly recommend and will definitely be back when I need more engraving.Thanks guys!
Sarah DuffSarah Duff
12:26 21 Jun 23
Daniel and Monica are such lovely people to deal with when I went to their workshop to have my Yeti’s engraved. I picked what I wanted to get done and was sent the plans that they had come up with which were absolutely perfect. They were done within a couple of days and I was so happy with them.Would 100% recommend and will definitely be going back with more Yeti’s in the future!
Travis EdwardsTravis Edwards
08:11 20 Jun 23
Excellent quality engraving on our Yeti’s after also being very helpful assisting with a design. Highly recommended
Rusty DewezRusty Dewez
07:06 15 Jun 23
Very easy team to deal with, friendly and very high quality of workmanship. Great to deal with and would recommend them to anyone. Very fast turnaround time too I had 18 coolers engraved and delivered to Brisbane from NT in about a week!
Brigit WicksteadBrigit Wickstead
12:19 05 Jun 23
Absolutely fantastic service and excellent quality engraving. Dan is always quick to reply to messages and accommodating to quirky requests. This small business is worth supporting; they care about the outcome of their work. They’re perfectionists in the best way possible.Highly recommend and will use their services time and again for any personalised gifts in the future.Value for $$$. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 🙌🏼
Fleur RadovicFleur Radovic
22:36 02 Jan 23
I ordered two seperate engraved designed Yeti’s from The Outback Engraver, and couldn’t have been happier with the final results. My son was thrilled with his new Dragon design and my brother-in-law in England was chuffed with his personalised genuine owned car. Highly recommend this business and will be back with more Yeti’s to decorate. Thank you for your time and patience to get my gifts just right. 🙏👍
Elite StrataElite Strata
00:19 28 Oct 22
We used Dan for the first time a few months ago and we were very satisfied with the professional service as well as the end result. Dan is very accommodating with design requests. We will continue to use The Outback Engraver in the future.
Jarrad FongJarrad Fong
06:20 28 Sep 22
Hands down best service. Super friendly and the quality work they provide is superb. They have the best engraving gear around town, never fails to impress and I've had multiple jobs done with them. Highly recommend.Update - Back again for more work by Danny and Outback Engraver. Never fails to impress, customised the request and turned it around in super quick time. The gift receivers were over the moon with their custom Yetis!
Tammy STammy S
14:45 27 Aug 22
Dan and his team went above and beyond to bring my idea to reality, it was perfect! Then when I decided I wanted to get my design done again but on a different product, with a short turn around, Dan reworked the design and had it engraved in super fast time. I've had yeti's engraved elsewhere before, but with the service, craftsmanship and value for money from The Outback Engraver I wont be going anywhere else for engraving in the future. Thanks again guys!
Amelie BarkerAmelie Barker
05:22 05 Aug 22
Wanted to get a farewell gift for someone from work and NT Engravers perfectly executed the design I asked for. Their customer service and overall business is amazing and I could not be happier with the result.Dani was so helpful with helping me decide on a design and the work done by the engraver is phenomenal.I would definitely recommend getting your yetis done here for a yeti like no other.Thank you!!
Sarah PolhillSarah Polhill
07:49 27 Jul 22
After working with Dan through my rugby club I got him to engrave a 50th birthday Yeti and I couldn’t be happier with the result. Super quick service too, was dropped off and picked up the next day. The birthday boy loved the yeti!Thanks again Dan 🙌🏽
Erin PErin P
10:14 12 May 22
Amazing service and flawless quality. Dan personalised 2 Yeti’s for me and they turned out absolutely sensational. He was super helpful and managed a fast turn around as I was about to fly out of Darwin. Highly recommend and will use his service again.
Cindy HobanCindy Hoban
08:25 05 May 22
10 out 10 for this guy 🙌. Danny has produce amazing work and makes giving presents so much fun. I gave him art work my son did and Danny provided suggestions and transformed the yeti totally. My son loves it. Highly recommend tapping into Danny's services 💯
Bomber FarrellBomber Farrell
06:36 29 Apr 22
Needed something that was going to look cool on the YETI mug and left it to the team to sort if for me. What they came up with was brilliant!!! Saved me coming up with art work and ideas. Best in buisness wrapped with the service and turn around of the job. No complaints
Hayley ShatfordHayley Shatford
23:49 14 Apr 22
Cannot wait to give my son his engraved Yeti, he's going to love it. Dan did an amazing job and the service from start to finish was exceptional. Great communication, quick turnaround and I would highly recommend. Will definitely be back for more products!
Jessica ManskiJessica Manski
11:31 29 Mar 22
Awesome work from Dan, putting our logo on our drink ware. Nothing was too hard and kept me updated throughout the whole process and was a bonus with such a fast turnaround. So happy how they all turned out. If you need anything engraved Dan’s your man!
Amanda BusbyAmanda Busby
11:34 05 Mar 22
The Outback Engraver, Daniel was extremely friendly, helpful and professional to work with to have our Yeti’s laser engraved.The quality of his work is outstanding, Daniel was open to questions and changes prior to committing to the final design. He guided me through the process and detailed the formats, resolution and requirements of the images should the family and I like to customise our Yeti mugs in addition to text and names. Once the family and I selected our images, texts and fonts, I e-mailed the final results to Daniel. A few days later, I dropped our Yeti bottles and cups off to Daniel and although it was a Saturday, not only was Daniel welcoming he was happy to discuss our desired outcome and walked us through each step and stage of the process.I wasn’t too sure how long the process would take, given that the bottles and cups were dropped off on a Saturday. I was surprised to receive an e-mail from Daniel on the Monday with our design plans and after a couple of changes and giving him the go ahead my order was ready by Tuesday afternoon.Collecting the Yeti bottles and cups the Saturday after, I was completely blown away at the detail and craftsmanship which had gone into the engraving process. Thank you Daniel, the Yeti bottles and cups turned out exceptionally well, better than I could have imagined and my kids love the results.I can not recommend your work enough and will be passing on your details to my family, friends and anyone who I find looking for precision engraving services for their Yeti products.

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High Production, Low Power, Low Waste Workshop

We are conscious of our carbon footprint and believe in protecting the world we live in. That is why all our business is undertaken strictly with the environment in mind. We often only put out a single garbage bag per month. All boxes, bubble wraps and packaging is stored in house and recycled through our business redeployment strategy and any off cut and waste material is also reused or recycled.  

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You can also find some of our work on display at our local YETI distributers right here in Darwin...

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We also have lots of examples on display at our workshop here in Tiwi, near the Royal Darwin Hospital. So come see it for yourself!

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